About Nayi Disha

Nayi Disha is a school for children from the marginalised communities. Based in Gurugram, its aim is to provide quality primary education to all children and assist them for admission to regular/mainstream schools.

The Way Forward

After almost 7 years, and having experienced an extreme sense of purpose and satisfaction, our vision and aspiration is to grow Nayi Disha into a primary school; initially up to class 3 and eventually, up to class 5. We have 2 schools, one in Harijan Colony, Sector 43, and the other in Indira Colony 2, Ardee City, Gurugram. Through the pandemic, we have conducted classes online and have engaged with children and parents on a regular basis, to ensure that their education is not interrupted and the families are taken care of.

In 2019 we collaborated with THE COMMUNITY LIBRARY PROJECT and opened our doors to all the children and youth of Harijan Colony to come and read. The Library remains open between 10 am to 5 pm and reading enthusiasts walk in whenever they wish to sit, read and listen to storytelling.

We developed and implemented a program, CREATE SAFE SPACES, to spread awareness amongst children and the community regarding POCSO and CHILD RIGHTS. These workshops were conducted on a regular basis in our school. We also imparted this knowledge to teachers of other schools, to help them spread this awareness.

We have recently started an after school learning program at Govt Model schools in MEWAT district. This program aims to provide middle school children with enhanced learning and understanding of English conversation, Maths and Life Skills. These classes are currently being done online. However, once the schools reopen, the plan is to conduct these classes in the school premises. This program has been sponsored by MMTC PAMP, who has their plant in MEWAT District.

Our Team

We have six teachers: Pushpa Yadav, Mamta, Sawarana Devi, Shanta De, Aarti & Swati Shrivastava. Pushpa has been with Nayi Disha since its inception. All of them have proved to be assets in working with the children and ensuring that they learn the right values for an all round development. They adapted very well to conducting classes online and ensured that students learnt the importance of continuous classes.

Nisha Yadav, who has been working with us since inception, is now managing a Coordinator’s role. She is not only playing a teacher’s role, but also managing the Admin role. She is also one of our Change Leaders, who has been trained to conduct workshops for CREATE SAFE SPACES.

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Our Trustees

Seema Seth (Founder), Vikas Verma and Sahil Seth. We would like to welcome on board our new Trustee, Arti Chaudhry.

Vriti Bajaj, has stepped down from this position and is no longer a Trustee. She has contributed a lot to the growth of Nayi Disha and will continue to be associated with us.

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Our Advisors

We have the privilege to welcome on board our advisors, Geetu Verma, Rajneesh Singh and Ruvneet Bains.

Our Advisors

What We Do

The purpose of Nayi Disha has been to prepare children for admission to regular schools. They are taught English, Hindi and Mathematics through a non-formal education system with flexibility of age to class, depending on the capability of a child. The syllabus followed is that of KG, Nursery and Class I with students falling in the age group of 5 to and 11. The school starts at 9 am with assembly and physical exercises. All stationery and books are provided for by the school. Fruit or lunch is provided to the children on all 5 days of the week. We have 6 paid teachers and 100+ children. We have recently appointed a coordinator for the school and Create Safe Space project that we have introduced for Child Rights and POCSO.

Besides basic education, we have volunteers visiting the school for storytelling, yoga, art and craft. We also have routine visits from doctors, who talk to students about health and hygiene, and conduct eye and dental checkups. We do an orientation for the parents at the start of the session and include all parents and other residents of the basti for health, eye checkups. Regular workshops for POCSO are done to spread awareness amongst children and parents. Parent Teacher Meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month.

Of the 700+ children who have registered with us so far, 160 have been successfully admitted to other NGO primary schools and Delhi Public School Shiksha Kendra. In 2020, we have proudly admitted 45 children to DPS Shiksha Kendra, Amitasha, and Manas Primary school. We have some drop outs, as they are predominantly a migratory population and return to their villages. However, due to the Pandemic, some of the students have returned to their villages and may or may not return.

In 2018, we offered scholarship to 4 deserving children for continuing education to a CBSE 10+2 school, Rao Ram Singh Public School, Sector 45. We are monitoring their progress regularly. We hope to be able to offer this scholarship to more deserving students in 2021. These students are also provided transportation to and fro the school to ensure that they attend school regularly.


  • Online classes
  • Smart phones for children
  • Online tuitions for older children
  • Trainings for teachers


Our experience showed us that post their tenure with Nayi Disha, there were cases of school drop outs. We did an in depth research and concluded that some of the reasons for this were; sexual harassment, corporal punishment, child abuse. We took it upon ourselves to help the students and the community to whatever extent possible to resolve this issue. We developed a program called CREATE SAFE SPACES, with an objective of teaching the children their Rights: To teach them to voice their concerns. Educate them regarding child abuse, sexual harassment and how to address their problems to different forums. The program includes workshops both for the children and parents. These workshops were conducted for teachers of other schools as well, to help them spread awareness and deal with these issues.


Nayi Disha has always had students coming to volunteer their time for various projects in their summer vacations. However, in 2019, we formalized this program under the YOUTH DIVISION which now has about 30 students from various schools across Gurgaon. They have worked with us for Fundraising campaigns, Newsletters, Social Media, teachers activities and Manuals. The students continue to add value to all the projects we initiate for the community and children.


NAYI DISHA generated funds through various donors and distributed meals, dry rations, clothes, soaps, hand wash, sanitary napkins, to the residents of the Bastis who lost their jobs and needed support. We provided for them till July, till they were able to get back to their jobs and earn for themselves.


Nayi Disha has also been engaged with women in Jharsa Gaon who have been who have supported us in our anti-plastic projects, to stitch cloth bags, supplied to users/schools across Gurgaon. They have also stitched masks during the pandemic.


We collaborated with The Community Library Project in 2019. We have opened our doors to everyone in the Community to encourage them to read. Children are trained to manage the library, as a skill set that could help them in later years. Regular story reading and other activities are conducted in the library, for all to attend and learn.


We have developed a program for running After School Learning Centers for older children from the marginalized communities, to help enhance their life chances for better socio economic development. We have started with online classes for 60 students, with a plan to ramp up in January. Onsite after schools classes at the Govt Model Schools, in MEWAT district once schools reopen.


Develop more leaders who propagate child rights and replicate the program in their settings by creating more trainers. Increase penetration of the program to reach as many students as possible through renewed partnerships with Schools across settings.

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Nayi Disha would like to encourage computer literacy and there proposes to set up Computer Labs in Harijan Colony and Indira Colony school premises. We can use the computer lab to also start online classes for KHAN ACADEMY and English Helper Virtual class for English conversation skills.

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